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  • The Star Tsar

    The Star Tsar

    Siberia 1923. Romantic, dreamer and revolutionary, Alexandra is a commissar in the newly formed Soviet government, hunting for a missing Agit Propaganda train. Its crew of actors, film-makers, poets and artists has disappeared in the mountainous wilderness beyond Yakutsk. More disturbing is the immense factory complex left by the retreating White army, and the bizarre…

  • Slaves of Titan

    Slaves of Titan

    The Adventures of Banjo and Alexandra Volume 2 “Shadows moved in the flames, hundreds of miles tall. They had incandescent eyes and mouths and carried poles which they jabbed into the planet’s crust, prising up country-sized slabs to be consumed in the fire…” Marrakech 1925. Following the events of THE STAR TSAR, Banjo and Alexandra…