Thumb – Out Now!

Thumb by John CollickThe universe is empty. The stars are dead. The worlds are no more.

The last humans struggle to create a god to save them from the utter end. In the shadow of this colossus Max Ocel rescues a beautiful stranger from the clutches of an insane giant, and sets in motion a chain of events that threatens to wipe out mankind itself.

Invincible battleships bear down on the ancient city of Metacarpi. Assassins stalk the stone tower of his childhood. Alien creatures gather in the darkness. Max faces the realisation that he must sacrifice everything he holds dear to save humanity.

Thumb – the first volume in The Book of the Colossus, a gripping fast-paced science fantasy series of incredible imagination.

Thumb is now available from Amazon as an ebook for the Kindle. You can download it from the following Amazon sites:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Japan

Amazon France

Amazon Germany

Amazon Spain

Amazon Italy

Amazon Canada

Amazon Brazil

A paperback version will follow shortly. As with all Kindle ebooks you can download a sample to read before you decide to buy. If you do buy Thumb and enjoy it please tell your friends.

And so, in the words of the 18 year old girl who wrote the first Science Fiction book two hundred years ago;

I bid my hideous progeny go forth and prosper…



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5 responses to “Thumb – Out Now!”

  1. Lorijo Metz Avatar

    Just bought my copy! Finishing up one of the Wool books, and then I look forward to reading yours. Congrats, John 🙂

  2. John Guy Collick Avatar
    John Guy Collick

    Thank you! I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  3. Jane Dougherty Avatar

    Just read the amazon preview and it looks brilliant. I haven’t got a Kindle yet but will do soon. This will be my first purchase.

    1. John Guy Collick Avatar
      John Guy Collick

      Thank you! You can get the free Kindle app and start reading on a PC, Mac or iPad if you can’t wait 🙂 I’m also planning on bringing out a paperback version in a couple of weeks time.

      1. Jane Dougherty Avatar

        I already have the app but reading on a laptop isn’t much fun when you sit at it all day anyway. A Kindle is on my list (is my list) of presents to me. I deserve it, I think.

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