Thumb – Concept Art

Update: Consensus of opinion is that the font made it looked too like a comic book so I’m going to rethink the titling. In the meantime, here’s the image. I liked the font as it was a German Expressionist one, but in this day and age it did look a bit too manga-like!

I’ve sent the manuscript for my Science Fantasy novel Thumb off to the editor so while it’s in his very capable hands I’ve started work on the cover/concept art. If I was going to do the standard Hollywood 15 second pitch then I’d probably say that Thumb is ‘Kafka meets Caligari meets Indiana Jones’. For that reason I wanted the concept art/cover to evoke the feel of the German Expressionist films/posters of the 1920s, because that particular aesthetic is a big influence on me. Anyway, here is a concept draft for the cover. For the techies among you, the artwork is primarily done in the 3D package Houdini. Any comments or suggestions would be very gratefully received.






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  1. Lorijo Metz Avatar

    I guess my question would be, what age group is this aimed at? It’s very comic book like. Looks like it would definitely appeal to middle grade boys.

  2. Wilfred van comicson Avatar
    Wilfred van comicson

    I personally find the image to be far from comic like, but of a 1920s style of art deco meets science fiction feel. And tends to draw me to German science fiction writers like Timo Pfeifer in its look.

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