Dark Feathered Hearts Out Now…


The Book of the Colossus is now complete with the final volume – Dark Feathered Hearts.

“You shut us down in the darkness, you skin people oh so bright beneath your lovely skies. You buried us among the filth and the poison and the old machines and the chemicals.”

Max and Abby race against time to find the Machine Men and stop the creation of a mad god who will destroy everything. Leading a rag-tag band of monsters, witches and exiles they make their way across an ancient wilderness shrouded in endless night. But in the centre of this desolation they come across one of their deadliest foes, and discover the true extent of the conspiracy against mankind. Only two choices remain, they can either set the Giants that will form the deity’s mind against each other, or they can risk everything on a journey to the very edge of their universe.

Crysanthe spends her days hunting escaped mutants through the wood and canvas corridors of the Brittle Hag’s starship, trying to forget her past in the endless labyrinth. The vast landscapes of the craft have become her refuge, but the vessel is under attack from an unknown intelligence outside reality itself. The general and her Abhuman allies must survive long enough for her to beg the last alien gods to save humanity.

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The paperback version will follow shortly…


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