Concept art for Thumb

In the Wastelands at the end of time stands a house that contains the secret to humanity’s survival.



Perry Rhodan

I briefly came across the German science fiction series Perry Rhodan in the mid-seventies when Futura/Orbit published the first 38 novels in the series, and

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It Figures Models

This week’s post is an interview with the owner of It Figures Models, Siobhan Marshall-Jones. It’s fascinated me how, in this era of computer games,

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1984 – John Hurt (1984)

My favourite John Hurt film has to be Michael Radford’s 1984, released in the same year, with Hurt as Winston Smith, Richard Burton as O’Brien

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4 Responses

  1. There’s something about both the Thumb pictures that makes me think of Dr Seuss. Do we get a clue about what Thumb is about? Or is there a whole section on it that I can’t find?

  2. Think Indiana Jones meets Kafka :). More information to follow. If it looks like a creepy Dr Seuss that’s not a bad thing. At the moment I’m trying to aim for a German Expressionist feel – similar to the films of Murnau.

  3. Hi John,

    I love the art, but even more, your premise. It’s definitely my type of read. On another note, I just finished listening to the audible version of “A Monster Calls: Inspired by an Idea from Siobhan Dowd” by Patrick Ness. I have a feeling you might like it, and while I’m sure it’s a wonderful read, I recommend the audible version. The narrator is spectacular!

    1. Thank you! I currently have the latest Iain Banks queued up on my Audible list, but I’ll definitely check out the Patrick Ness tale.

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