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Thumb available in paperback!

Thumb is now available in paperback from Amazon, priced $9.99 in the US, £7.99 in the UK and €11.17 in Europe. I confess to being biased but I’m really happy […]

Thumb – Out Now!

The universe is empty. The stars are dead. The worlds are no more. The last humans struggle to create a god to save them from the utter end. In the […]

Countdown to Thumb

A flat singularity carried the unfinished body of God through an empty universe. The colossus lay on his back, a being so vast he might easily have put his arms […]

German Expressionist Flyer

I’ve been working on some art/visualisation pieces for Thumb. As I mentioned before I wanted to capture the feel of the German Expressionist artists and films of the 1920s and […]

In search of the perfect notebook

When I worked for Scotland Yard in the 1980s I had a Filofax, which was pretty standard for people living in London at the time. I took it with me […]

Off to Italy

Just a quick couple of pieces of news: 1) There won’t be a post for a couple of weeks as I’m off on my hols to Lake Como in Italy, […]

The Protein Man

UPDATE: A pdf of Eight Passion Proteins With Care can now be downloaded from the blog by clicking on the link below: Eight Passion Proteins With Care In 1987 I went […]

Brontë country

I’ve just spent a week in Yorkshire visiting my parents, who live in the shadow of Ilkley Moor. It’s not far from Haworth where the Brontë sisters lived. We drove […]

Dramatica Pro – software for writers

While we’re on the topic of software for writers I thought I’d have a look at Dramatica Pro (, $209 for the download version). Some programs for authors are designed […]

Scrivener – software for writers

Scrivener is a fantastic piece of software for writers. The program was developed by a writer who was hunting for some software to help him put together a novel. None […]

How not to write a novel

“The architect admired the way the way the building was crafted; it was all stone with curvy arches like an old church.” The shelves are full of books on how […]

The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook

If there is one book that should be banned as dangerous and subversive it’s The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook by Chris Jones and Genevieve Joliffe. Read this and you will […]

Guardian Style: Third Edition

It might seem a bit sad to rave about a book on style and grammar, but the third edition of Guardian Style is both hugely useful and entertaining. As the editors […]