Dr John Guy Collick is a graduate of Sussex University in England where he received his Masters and Doctoral degree in English. He lectured in Language, Literature, and Philosophy for ten years in Japan. On his return to England he became Production Manager at a multimedia company, creating websites, CD-ROM brochures and training software for major clients such as Sony, Lloyds Bank, Panasonic and the RNLI.

He now works closely with Ministries of Education for a leading education technology company to develop solutions and programmes to meet the needs of 21st Century education systems worldwide. His focus is on the development of effective and scalable pedagogy for teachers to ensure the successful implementation of technology in the classroom.

Dr Collick is an internationally renowned speaker and expert on the educational and social impact of technology. He also lectures on innovative learning strategies, critical and creative thinking, and transhumanism, specifically the current revolution in the way that people interact with machines and intelligent systems. He is the author of several books and novels, and articles on literature, media, ICT and learning.

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