Month: August 2012

  • Orlando (1992)

    I’m delighted that Sally Potter’s film Orlando, based on the book by Virginia Woolf, is now available on iTunes. Orlando is one of those books that falls into the category of ‘literature therefore not science fiction’ that’s invented by snobs every time a science fiction/fantasy book by a renowned writer pops into view. Kingsley Amis […]

  • Frontiers of Space – in memory of Neil Armstrong

    For me the years 1968 – 1969 were a perfect storm for three reasons. Firstly I saw Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey at the age of seven. Not only was I entranced by the movie’s images but also beside myself with excitement at the thought that I would be alive at the grand old […]

  • Off to Italy

    Just a quick couple of pieces of news: 1) There won’t be a post for a couple of weeks as I’m off on my hols to Lake Como in Italy, staying at a hotel in the beautiful village of Cernobbio. I’ve set myself the task of learning a bit of Italian as well, as Dante […]

  • The Long Good Friday

    This week I learned that the English actor Bob Hoskins is retiring because of Parkinson’s disease. It’s sad news. I’ve always admired his work so I thought I’d talk about what I think is his best film, and possibly the best British gangster movie ever made: The Long Good Friday (1980). American audiences will probably […]

  • A thousand miles an hour – the Bloodhound SSC

    This week I attended a one-day education conference in Lancaster House, hosted by the British Government as part of the diplomatic activities surrounding the Olympic Games. I spent a while chatting to Wing Commander Andy Green who is the current land speed record holder. In 1997 he reached 763 miles an hour in the car┬áThrust […]